My adventures riding bicycles on dirt and only dirt.Well maybe a few mile's of pavement to get to dirt.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

April Showers

  I went to Potter's today to see how the trails held up to the snow and rain we had. I knew it would be a crap shoot at best to even find a decent route. I hit the new Reaper's Ridge climb and some fun in tree's!! It turned out to be a tad bit muddy with snow in areas still. I did a loop around the perimeter that had around 10 miles of some of my favorites. I ended up cranking out two loops for a total of 17 miles. I ended up riding in complete solitude!! It is a totally different experience all alone, but I like it sometimes!! The weather closed in and it started to rain as I was leaving.


Coming down crack-a-lak was interesting in the snow.

The roots on Reaper's Ridge were fun to say the least!!!!

A nice pic at the top of Pump Hill.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Trail Work at Potter's Pasture

The Reaper's Ridge phase 1 redesign is complete to the top now. This has been in the design/exploratory phase for about five years now.I knew what I wanted out of this area and now it is half done. I finished the route layout and then with the help of T Laub we hit it and hit it hard!! I had paused to take a breather and noticed where we had made it to, when I let out a holler. We were at the top !! So we finished up what needed to be finished and then we rolled that sucker!! I must say it roll's very well folks !! The sign for the upper entrance will have to be placed and a link will be made to reconnect to the original lower section of Reaper's. There will be some work done on the original entrance as the time allows. It is time to ride people!! Get out and enjoy the trails!!

                                      Looking downhill near the middle of the upper section

                                              CQ rollin' the upper section downhill

                                         Looking uphill near the middle of the upper section