My adventures riding bicycles on dirt and only dirt.Well maybe a few mile's of pavement to get to dirt.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

May & June

Well I thinks it's about time to catch up on some posts on here !! May was a super busy month for us fiiled with graduation's, anniversaries and lot's of riding. Went to several graduation ceremonies in one weekend, with the most very special one being my daughter Nichole's !! Congratulations kiddo !! I'm super proud of you !!! 
 Then came Memorial weekend. A few people who know where to ride mountain bikes in this area arrived at Potter's Pasture. The weather could have been a bit better!! It was a typical Memorial weekend, you know wet & cool. The drizzle turned into a nice late night thunderstorm complete with a cool light show!! The drizzle didn't quit all weekend. Met some very nice folk's from McCook and a group from Cozad. Paul Siebert came out and once again provided some very sweet campfire musical entertainment. The pic below is Paul sportin his Big Wheeled Ballyhoo shirt !!

 Merrie and I took Bear out to Potter's for some hiking on a nice weekend too!! We did a nice seven mile hike around the canyons then headed back to "Old Camp" for some campfire cooking and just some general relaxation. We needless to say we called it a day a bit early. You see the ticks were hatchin and they were thick!! The ground was literally moving they were so thick!! Bear did NOT do very well with this. For a couple weeks after this he was obsessed with bugs. He was not enjoying himself as you can see in the picture.
 Then came June !! I did a ton of really fun gravel rides with quite a few different people. I finished laying out a sixty-five mile ride that leaves from my home and takes you south into the canyon's. It is a loop though, which is always good. I also spent a day at Potter's with Matt & Lane Bergen from Paxton. We did a loop that included some areas they hadn't ridden yet. The pic below was taken by Matt for me. It's a trail Paul Brasby dug in. They name it "Golden Nugget" but I most generally refer to it as "Super Slide" !! It does have some nice "pucker" to it though !!!