My adventures riding bicycles on dirt and only dirt.Well maybe a few mile's of pavement to get to dirt.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Exploration was the goal for this fine May day.
I tossed an idea for a ride at Potter's then some canyon roads back to see how it worked out.My friend Kyle Vincent and I were dropped off at the "Old Camp" where we would start the adventure. At least the sun was out, even if it wasn't all that warm. So off we went on the single track goodness that is Potter's for a quick trip out the other side at "Festival Camp". Not a bad start to the day at all . The trails were in great shape!!                                          

                                               Kyle heading out on Lydic Canyon
We cruised up Lydic Canyon to the first crest to an awesome view. The climb wasn't too bad getting to the top. The downhill on the other side in the pic below was even better though!!

We bombed the downhill and continued the journey through the winding valley towards the intersection with Gillman RD. This happens to be at a very cool spot with a railroad bridge. It was a great spot to recoup a bit and take some pics.                                                  

                                            The Salsa Big Mama loves to climb !!!!!

We rolled on from the RR bridge around a couple tight curves only to begin the most daunting climb so far. This hill just kept going on and on. Kinda like that bunny on the tv commercials!!!! I snapped the pic below of the sign at the top. It really does curve just like the sign !!! It will be fun doing this as a downhill sometime.                                      

In a few miles we were back on the usual route I've ridden with Bob before. We continued on and connected to the "Secret South Hill's Stash" and back to Gothenburg. I ended up with 39.6 miles on the gps. I really wanted gears on this ride so I took the Mama and payed for it. I'm not sure if it is the fact that I have a 120 fork on it instead of the 100mm or if I just needed to change some seat adjustments. It just was not the best for me. I guess it will be the SS on the long gravel rides till I can explore some options for a gravel distance bike with gears!!
                                          Happy Trails my friends !!! Go ride a Bike !!!



DJ Chi Wai said...

Glad that you are getting some good riding in! So scenic out there, thanks for the pics! Is this part of the training for the Dakota 5-0?

Chad Q said...

It sure is DJ!! Need to get back to it though. Haven't been getting enough miles lately.