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Wednesday, January 30, 2013


I've been neglecting my blog !!! I suppose I should update it since this is the one year anniversary of my last post !! It's kinda ironic that the last post was about Odin's Revenge . I'm in the process of finishing the Q sheets for the new north half of this 150 mile gravel race that is on June 29th this year here in Gothenburg. It was a long year for me in 2012 which included the Dirty Kanza 200 , Gravel Worlds and the Dakota 5O . Spent a lot of time on the bikes that's for sure. I will do a photo dump with some pics from 2012 these events and other stuff from 2012. I will hopefully do a better job with updates this year !! Did you notice how I said hopefully ? It should be a good year this year too !! Merrie and I both have cross bikes and we are planning some bike pack camping excursion this year besides the Gravel and MTB events to attend this year. Gonna be busy !!! I almost forgot we did the second annual Farmers Valley 50 too !! It is a 5o mile ride in the Henderson area that has a ton of historic stops on it. A friend of mine that is a Team DSG member organizes for his birthday. Hope everyone is having a great start to 2013 !!


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