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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Winter came back !!

Well it was real nice to get some sun on a few rides. The day after the Wiggins/Gillman loop it started a turn for the worse!! All week it was just gloomy,cold and then the off and on snow and ice started. Well I decided to hit my usual ride south into the hill's anyway. I donned my gear and figured I could use this as an opportunity to test the newest item. It is the North Face "just in case Anorak" shell. It didn't take long to find out this piece of gear is awesome!! It took the sleet,snow,ice pellets and wind very well all while I was comfy warm.I ran into Steve Potter on my way back and spoke with him for a bit. If what he filled me in on happens Potters Pasture will be a truly epic area to ride!! I decided that after the condition's on today's ride I deserved a treat, so a stop at the KOA on the south side of I80 was in store to see what was in the cooler. Hear are a few pics of what was supposed to be a short jaunt of 10 to 15 miles that turned into a 37 mile ride!!
                                             Run turkey run !! There was around 50 !!
                                                Wiggins canyon from the top looking north.
                                            Lucky Bucket Lager.Wasn't bad at all.

                                                                            Chad Q

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paxtoncoyote said...

How ironic, I just tried my first Lucky Bucket last weekend myself!